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Rivaldo Exclusive: Neymar needs to find a Spanish solution

Rivaldo Exclusive: Neymar needs to find a Spanish solution

There have been rumours that Neymar may return to La Liga this summer. It would be a good move for him, as Madrid and Barcelona are two of the biggest clubs in the world.

Of course, we don’t know exactly what kind of conversations are going on, but for me it wouldn’t be a disappointment if he signs for Real Madrid. The most important thing for him seems to be leaving PSG as soon as possible.

After missing training sessions and commenting to the press on his departure – as well as PSG manager Leonardo‘s interview – it’s obvious that Neymar wants to continue his footballing career outside France.

Additionally, there are rumours that Barcelona may not want to pay for his signing, preferring to exchange him for other players. That would give Real Madrid an opportunity as perhaps paying to PSG could unblock the situation. But let’s wait a bit as all of this is pure speculation.

Of course, I would prefer to see him at Barcelona, but Real Madrid is also a massive club that would only improve with Neymar in their side.

Forget the red card and focus on Gabriel Jesus’ play

Gabriel Jesus was once again a decisive figure for the Brazilian national team in the Copa America final and he was certainly upset to be sent off at a crucial moment of that match. In my opinion, the red card was a bit unfair as he had no intention of committing a foul.

He ended up really upset as he was playing well and helping the team. Of course Brazil won the game but had things gone wrong in the final minutes we could have seen a really bad reaction afterwards. Now, he will be suspended for a few matches which is never good for a player.

Anyway, these things happen in emotive matches when you are very focused and passionate about helping your team and I don’t believe his behaviour was due to his young age. After all we regularly see experienced players doing similar.

Let’s focus on the positive – Gabriel Jesus was one of Brazil’s best players at the Copa America, playing brilliantly in the decisive matches of the competition.

Guardiola has nothing to prove

We all know that winning a Champions League is very important as it is the biggest club competition in the world, but just because Manchester City are the favourites to win next season’s tournament doesn’t mean it will be easy.

Barcelona took so long to win his second Champions League and there are many clubs that never achieved that goal, including City, so being favourite doesn’t mean you would win it easily. There are so many strong teams fighting for the trophy.

Despite only achieving Champions League glory with Barcelona and many expecting that he could repeat it in other clubs, from what I know of him, I don’t think he is too obsessed with it.

Being a two-time Premier League champion with a record points total is a great achievement these days as the English top-flight is the strongest in Europe.

Furthermore, he also won all domestic competitions this season and his team plays beautiful football. I believe that, if he continues at City for two or three more years, he will end up having very good opportunities to win the Champions League.

Tough for Griezmann

It’s always a tough for a player when you announce you will be leaving in the summer and then your transfer seems to be taking so much time to be sealed.

But I think that everything is going to be OK soon, and he certainly explained to Atletico board why he didn’t show up to training last week. The club must be aware of Griezmann’s negotiations with Barcelona and perhaps both could have decided this way, but of course, it’s always a difficult situation for player and club.

It seems he will end up signing for Barcelona, but for now there are no certainties.

Messi could take a while to recover

After so many disappointments at the end of the season (Liverpool, Copa del Rey, Copa America) it’s normal that Lionel Messi may need some time to refocus and recover his confidence.

Allowing Liverpool to go through after leading 3-0 on first leg, then losing the Copa del Rey to Valencia and finally failing again with Argentina at Copa America will leave marks on his mind and boy, but there’s no way back and now he just needs to take some breathe until next season.

It’s probable that he will start slowly next season after these heartbreaks, but he plays in an excellent Barcelona team and I think he won’t take long to get back to his best and he’ll be back scoring again like he did this season and before.

Militão improves Real Madrid at the back

Real Madrid presented Éder Militão to the press and fans this week. This is a good player with a nice future ahead of him. He will get his opportunities soon to cement his place in the starting XI.

He felt faint in his press conference and perhaps he had a first taste of the pressure as a Real Madrid player, but it’s nothing serious and he simply must focus and work to adapt quickly.

Marcelo has also returned after holidays and seems to be in great shape showing that was focused in the off-season. He had a lot of critics last season for being overweight and he ended up on the bench a lot. But he seems to have reacted positively.

He is one of the best left-backs in the world and would be a starter in any big team when fit. He was also absent from Copa America and that may have been another incentive to take things a little more seriously in order to get back to the national team.

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